FAQ – FlowMaster

Do I have to install the system(s) myself?

No – installation is carried out by qualified cellar technicians.

Is there a minimum contract period?

There is no long term contract – simply give one month’s notice and the equipment will be removed by BeerTech UK.

What happens if a rented unit becomes faulty?

If rented, any faults are covered by BeerTech UK. We have over 160 cellar technicians available nationwide to service any problems that arise.

What happens if a purchased unit becomes faulty?

The system is fully guaranteed for 12 months, and thereafter a maintenance contract is offered for £50 per site per year.

How many units will I require?

The system requires 1 unit per keg being used. e.g.1 Lager, 1 Guiness, 1 Cider, 1 John Smiths, would require 4 units

What sort of savings can I expect?

Obviously it depends on your draw, but in our experience an average pub loses 26 pints at line clean and based on average cost price (around £1.20 per pint ) you can expect to sell at least 960 extra pints year on year, (over and above the other benefits).

How long does the installation take?

Generally between 1½ to 2 hours

Does the equipment interfere with the beer quality in any way?

Not in the slightest, and as indicated over time we can improve the quality.

Okay, I’m interested, what’s next?

Simply call us FREE on 0800 328 9533 for further information, or if you prefer email us or use our enquiry form

FAQ – Airflow

Does it work and does it save money?

Yes. We have conducted many extensive monitoring exercises and produced conclusive positive results.

Who were the monitoring exercises carried out for?

Marstons, Greene King, Gala Bingo, Spirit Group, Whitbreads and Youngs.

Does it work in underground cellars?

Yes. In some cases gives extra benefit as it helps clear damp and mould from wet cellars with fresh air.

Does your system wire into the main cellar chiller?

No. It is completely independent.

Will the system work in the summer?

Yes. It will work, particularly during colder evening, which will also reduce compressor noise during summer months and will save further running costs.

FAQ – FlowMeter

Do I have to Install the system myself?

This is carried out by our technicians, although it’s perfectly possible to personally carry this operation. We can provide full installation instructions

Is the system Guaranteed?

Yes, for a period of 12 months

How is the data displayed?

The display unit displays the pint totals since the system was reset for each product

How is the data transferred to a computer?

We provide a memory card that is slotted into a computer, which is then read as a standard XL sheet, showing the total for each product, and the exact time each pint was poured. Each product has a sperate file with the total number of pints poured totalled at the bottom

How often can the system be reset?

The system can be reset at the beginning of a shift, daily, weekly or even monthly. It simply depends on what information you wish to look at on the XL sheet

What about when I line clean?

The system can be paused during the line clean so as to not affect the totals.

Can the system be tampered with?

No, we provide a PIN number for the system to only allow access to only the owner, manager or stocktaker

How many beers can the system count at one time?

It can record up to 12 separate beers in one cellar.

How will I know how to operate the system?

We provide a full manual for this