History and Customer Testimonials

In the UK we now have more than 4000 outlets benefiting from our systems.

White Horse Inn, Barton. Tel: 01223 262327 (Nuno)
installed September 2012

“Love the system – frees up time – more and more people comment how great the beer tastes”

The Cock, Stansted. Tel: 01279 812964 (Paul)
installed March 2012

“A great tool – saves time and money – strongly recommended”

Nags Head, Little Hadham. Tel: 01279 771555 (Paul)
installed March 2012

“Works extremely well – does exactly what I needed it to do and certainly saves time and money”

Swan, Felsted. Tel: 01371 820245 (Gerry Goodridge)
installed January 2013

“System great – just clean when system starts to fob – have no set day to clean lines”

The Red Lion, Sturmer. Tel: 01440 766971 (Roland Francis)
installed March 2013

“No issues – cleaning every 3 weeks and has paid for itself already”

The Crown, Gayton. Tel: 01553 636252 (Felicity Atherton)
installed April 2013

“On 3 week cycles and very happy”

The Cuttle Inn, Southam. Tel: 01926 812314 (Philip Lee)
installed January 2014

“Simply works perfectly”

The Fountain, Soham. Tel: 01353 720374 (John Hartley)
installed October 2013

“Improved quality – cuts fobbing – works perfectly on a 3 week cycle”

Half-Way House, Rickmansworth. Tel: 01923 712253 (Paul McGrath)
installed November 2013

“Very happy with Beertech system – customers still comment on how good the beer is”

Bainsys Bar, Birmingham. Tel: 07712 583791 (Steve Bains)
installed November 2013

“Started by renting – worked perfectly – now purchased”

Cheviot Hotel, Hexham. Tel: 01434 220696 (David Slocome)
installed January 2013

“Does what it claims – saves time and money – beer is great”

The Thatched House, Exeter. Tel: 01392 272 920 (Paul Knott)
installed January 2013

“Very pleased – tell anyone to contact me”

Coopers Arms, Weston on Trent. Tel: 01332 701107 (James Cooper)
installed December 2013

“System is a NO BRAINER”

The Masonic Arms, Broxburn. Tel: 01506 856 347 (John McCormick)
installed March 2013

“Had the system in over 12 years and still on normal 3 week clean cycle”

C C Blooms, Edinburgh. Tel: 0131 556 9331 (Tim)
installed January 2011

“The system works perfectly – I clean lines every 3 weeks and the quality of the beer is perfect”

White Horse InnWhite Horse Inn, Barton
crown-inn-gaytonThe Crown, Gayton
fountain-sohamThe Fountain, Soham
halfway-house-rickmansworthHalfway House, Rickmanshaw

Successful trials have recently been completed with Whitbread, All Our Bars, McMullen & Sons and Joseph Holt are now on extended trials.

Proven Performance – Increased Yield at Greene King

Greene King, after lengthy trials in 2008, installed FlowMaster System 1 in approximately 950 managed outlets.

Recent trials at four major managed groups have proved successful, and over and above this we have approximately 1600 independent free trade outlets.

Testimonials from Greene King, Belhaven and other groups, as well as individual pubs, are available on request.