FlowMaster Beerline Cleaning and Conditioning by Beertech UK

The Best and Most established Beerline Cleaning and Conditioner System there is!

Beertech UK now have around 4,500 installations from major brewers to free houses all benefitting from

  • Line cleaning on a 3 week cycle, selling normally wasted beer and thereby increasing profit
  • The action of the Flowmaster system can break down stubborn old deposits, improve the internal surface of the beer pipe, giving an opportunity to dispense your beer in the same condition it leaves the keg
  • Obviously you will save a lot of valuable time

For the system to function correctly, it is essential to carry out a thorough line clean and use a brewery recommended cleaner.

How does it work?

As you can see from the illustration below, the BeerTech unit is fitted around the beerline. A control box sends a series of signals down to the unit attached just above the broach head. This generates a complex magnetic field that the beer passes through as it leaves the keg. Please follow the link below for a full explanation.


How much does it cost? All costs are open and transparent below. There are NO hidden extras. Follow the link on the left to our FlowMaster savings calculator for a site specific evaluation.

All calculations are carried out at COST price

Rental Options

Our rental packages offer a flexible, cost-effective way for you to benefit from our FlowMaster system.

  • The equipment is free of charge
  • The installation is free of charge
  • There is no contract whatsoever
  • Rental includes all parts and labour for the duration of the contract

One unit required per line. Rental cost is per pub – NOT per line.

1-12 units – £49.75 per month

13-15 units- £59.75 per month

15+ units- Please call for details

Purchase Options

FlowMaster units  – £99 each (one per line)

Installation – £150

FlowMaster Control Unit – £45 (one per pub)

The system comes with a 12 month warranty. After the first year we offer a maintenance contract costing £70 per year covering all parts and labour.

If you wish to purchase our FlowMaster system, why not rent for 3 months using our rental option. If you then choose to purchase our system, all monies paid to date will be deducted from the purchase price.

The Commercial Benefits of FlowMaster Cleaning and Conditioning Units

Increase your profits, maintain and improve beer quality

Our system simply delays the furring up process within the beer line – it does not stop it. However, you will with quality line cleaning, using a brewery recommended cleaner, achieve a three week cycle quite comfortably.

Extra sales are achieved by cleaning on a three week cycle and naturally selling the beer that is normally wasted – It’s that simple!!

This translates to selling the extra beer for at least 35 weeks, although some pubs opt for longer in their cycles, we strongly recommend a three week period to ensure that the beer quality is maintained.

Basically by delaying deposits, line cleaning becomes much easier, and furthermore, will soften, and over a short time break up any old stubborn bio-film. This improves the internal surface of the line giving a better chance to deliver the beer in the condition it left the keg.

Time is money

By cleaning on a three week cycle, naturally you will save time, freeing up yourself and staff for other duties.

Tom, a publican from Derby has a 26 pint loss; Beerline cleans every week and wastes 1,352 pints down the drain.
Alan, a publican from Swindon also has a 26 pint loss at Beerline clean, but having the BeerTech system, not only improves the quality of his beer, but now cleans on a 3 weekly cycle and sells an extra 910 pints to sell per year.