SmartCellar Energy Saving by BeerTech:

For app. support, please call: 07815 209350

The SmartCellar Energy saving device is a retro fit system installed onto the main cellar chiller system. It upgrades and operates this, to maintain the beer in the cellar at the correct storage temperature, while saving around 6,000 kw’s in energy use, or between £1,200 and £1,800 a year less in electricity. (Values used: 20p / 30p per Kw)

It works simply on the principle that the beer in the keg is kept in what amounts to a thermos flask. If the main cooler is switched off in the cellar, the air temperature will begin to warm, but the beer in the keg will be far slower to do so.

After trials it was found that the parameters to maintain the beer temperature at 12 deg, are that you can switch off the main part of the cooler system, the condenser outside for 8 hours, and as long as the cellar temperature does not reach 17 deg, the beer in the keg will not move by more than half a deg at most.

The SmartCellar Energy Saving Device is installed into the fan unit, and the control wire that runs from this to the condenser is passed through it, so the SmartCellar now has control of the condenser. The system will switch off the condenser between midnight and 8.00 am and also 4-7pm as additional savings hours. That is unless as previously mentioned the temperature in the cellar rises to above 17 degrees, in which case the SmartCellar will allow the condenser to run for as normal for a short period of time to drop the cellar temp slightly below 17 degrees.

By operating the Condenser in this fashion, as above, a saving of up to £1,800 per annum can be achieved. The system is accompanied by an app, that when next Bluetoothed to the SmartCellar will work out the savings for each site individually. A savings report is saved on the phone but also can then be sent from the app to an e-mail account for storing.


  • Fully CE Certified
  • Main display shows, duty cycle, hours run, door open times etc
  • An app. can be downloaded to allow a phone to be connected via Bluetooth, giving exact savings figures. A button within the app. can then be pressed to send these a pre-designated e-mail address for recording and checking
  • A simple system by-pass button is incorporated to allow the system to be isolated from the main chiller
  • Reduces noise pollution by turning off the outside condenser unit overnight
  • Automatically turns off cellar cooler at pre set intervals. These can be manually adjusted if required to maximise savings during colder periods
  • Easy visual LED indicators allow for quick checking of the cellar conditions and system monitoring status, e.g. If the cellar is too warm, the control unit will show this, and then turn the cooler back on until the desired temperature is reached
  • Can be switched off for 24 hours to allow for normal cellar cooler maintenance
  • Visual indicator to show accurate cellar temperature
  • A door alarm can be incorporated to produce an audible sound if the door has been left open. The system will also record and display the amount of time the cellar door has been left open – daily/weekly etc. The alarm delay time is fully adjustable